Our Solutions

  • Engine and APU rental

    We provide financing and availability solutions for short-term and long-term rental of engines and APUs. We currently cover regional aircrafts engines, helicopter engines and commercial aircraft APU. For a two months rental or a seven years re-financing: contact us!.

  • Aircraft LRUs financing

    We develop financing solutions for aircraft LRUs inventories to airlines, MROs and OEMs. From a forward-base kit to a main base stock we can tailor our answer to your fleet evolution, configuration and the duration of your choice.

  • Custom Financing Solutions

    We partner with the aviation aftermarket industry to develop ad-hoc financing solutions for special projects. From providing an interim financing in an aircraft or engine part-out project, to aircraft re-configuration and re-delivery projects. If you have a special project that require financing, please contact us!.

Our available engines and APUs

PW127FPW127E/F for ATR42/72 SN124250
PW127E/FPW127E/F for ATR42/72 SN127192
PW127MPW127M for ATR42/72 EB0262
PW127MPW127M for ATR42/72 EB0322
PW127MPW127M for ATR42/72 EB0315
PW127E/FPW127E/F for ATR42/72 SN127011
AE3007No engine currently available, contact us for next availability
PW200No engine currently available, contact us for next availability
APU 131-9BEngine available
APU 331-500Engine available

Our lastest news


Logix.Aero is growing its fleet !

2016 has been a record year for logix ! 30 engines have been bought in 2016, increasing the pool to 40 engines. A warm thank you to our customers, team and partners !


Logix.Aero is adding one new line of business

Logix.Aero is setting up a new line of business to its portfolio: the part out of core PW100 engines and APUs. Please ask for more information about parts available !


Another Honeywell’s 131-9B APU for lease !

Another 131-9B is joining the pool ! Engine is now available for lease. Just ask for more information.


PW127M Engine joining the pool !

Logix.Aero completed the acquisition from Vector Aerospace of one PW127M ! This engine will be available for short and long term lease. Just ask for more information.


Second 737NG acquired for part-out: MSN29093

Logix.Aero is partnering with a UK based parts and service provider to acquire a 737NG from SAS: MSN29093 ! The aircraft will be flown to a UK airport for part-out and parts will be available for resale from our partner in early July. This is the third project finance for Logix.Aero on the 737NG platform […]


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