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Engine and APU rental specialists

We provide financing and availability solutions for short-term and long-term rental of engines and APUs. We currently cover regional aircraft engines, helicopter engines and commercial aircraft APU. Contact us for or a two-month rental or a seven years re-financing proposal. Aircraft LRUs financing: we develop financing solutions for aircraft LRUs inventories to airlines, MROs and OEMs. From a forward-base kit to a main base stock, we can tailor our answer to your fleet evolution, configuration and the duration of your choice. Custom Financing Solutions: we partner with the aviation aftermarket industry to develop ad hoc financing solutions for special projects. From providing interim financing in an aircraft or engine part-out project, to aircraft re-configuration and re-delivery projects. If you have a special project that requires financing, please contact us!

Saving you Time, Money and Resources

At Logix.Aero we provide rapid response, tailor made solutions, and direct visibility on inventory and documentation to our customers. Quality assurance and logistics management are our credo throughout our offices worldwide.

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We have offices in France, Ireland, United Kingdom and United States, and stocks in Europe, Asia, North and South America ready to be dispatched at a moment’s notice