Logix.Aero, in partnership with RIVE Private Investment, forms LXA3

November 2019

Logix.Aero, in partnership with RIVE Private Investment, forms LXA3 to enhance its investments in its core market of APU and Turboprop engines. With an initial investment of USD25M, rising to USD50M in the next two quarters, LXA3 will complete Logix.Aero capability to support OEMs, Maintenance Providers and Operators for short and long term rentals of all commercial aviation APUs and for commercial aviation turboprop engines. With more than 90 engines and APUs currently under management Logix.Aero operations across its bases in Europe, Asia and the Americas provide customers rapid access to the assets they need.

Logix.Aero now covers PW118/119/120/121/123/124B and 125B family of engines

October 2019

Logix.Aero has now completed a purchase of two dozen additional PW100 family engines, expending its service capability for all PW118 to PW127M engines for short-term & long-term rentals as well as exchanges. We are delighted to be able to support Embraer, Dornier, Viking Air, Canadair, De Havilland Canada, Fokker and ATR aircraft operators. More info on availability of engines to follow. Enquiries welcome!

B787, here we come!

June 2019

Logix.Aero has purchased a pool of APS5000 to support the ever growing fleet of Dreamliners. APS5000s will be dispatched to our regional bases in Europe, Asia and America to be closer to operators.
Closing a very busy month of June, Logix.Aero has also increased its pool of 131-9A, 131-9B, 331-350C, 331-500B APUs and added one PW127M engine.

New PW127M engines join the Logix.Aero rental pool

March 2019

To answer growing demand from customers Logix.Aero has acquired several new PW127M that will enhance its capability to support AOG situation and planned removals.
Concurrently Logix.Aero has increased its PW124B pool to answer the needs from freight operators facing planned shop visits.

Welcome to the APS2300 APU!

December 2018

Logix.Aero completes its APU family coverage to the Embraer E-Jet platform. The first units purchased by Logix.Aero have already found a home and will be joined shortly by additional units that will provide customers ready access for their support needs.

Logix.Aero increases its APU pool with a purchase of 11 units

October 2018

Logix.Aero increases its APU pool with a purchase of 11 units across Honeywell 131-9A, 131-9B and 331-350C products. Those units will join Logix.Aero pool of rental APUs to service customer needs in EMEA, APAC and Americas.

Logix.Aero adds APS3200 to its product portfolio

July 2018

Logix.Aero adds APS3200 to its product portfolio with the first two units being induced into its rental pool. Those first unit are fresh from heavy repairs and incorporate all latest modifications, making them eligible to support the entire A320 fleet. With this first APS3200 acquisition, Logix.Aero now covers all configuration on the A320 family.

Honeywell Launches a New APU Engine Rental Bank Service for Airbus A330 and A340 Aircraft